North Park Maintenance Assessment District



Community Advisory Committee Minutes – June 13, 2016.
Meeting called to order at 5:05 pm


  1. Roll Call:

Present:   Rob Steppke – North Park Redevelopment Project Area Committee (PAC)
Jody Surowiec – North Park Historical Society (NPHS)
Jillian Wolter – North Park Main Street (NPMS)
Peter Hill – North Park Planning Committee (NPPC)
Jean Samuels – Burlingame Neighborhood Association (BNA)

Vicky Heithaus – Resident Homeowners Representative

Steve Aldana – El Cajon Blvd Business Improvement Association (ECBBIA)
Glen Torio – City Staff


Absent:   Karen Gross – San Diego Apartment Association
Kitty Callen – Altadena Neighborhood Association (ANA)
Sean Karafin – North Park Community Association (NPCA)

Adrian Granda – City Council Rep


  1. Approval of Draft Minutes – May 2016

Motion to approve minutes with Morely Field amendment

Motion by Peter Hill, Jean Samuels (6/0/0)


  1. Chair’s Report

Pass the Hat for website fees


  1. Non-Agenda Public Comment

Glenn shared that Joe Schloss is very appreciative for our consideration to relocate the benches


  1. Councilmember’s Report (Reordered to end of meeting)
  • Budget will be released this month – to be approved by City Council budget hearings by department


  1. Brief Update re: Exploratory Subcommittee to join North Park Planning Committee
  • New structure has been worked out with Chair of Planning Committee – we will establish a third “MAD” Subcommittee which will be subject to Planning Committee Bylaws


  1. Update on Proposal to Modify Council Policy 100-24
  • Email from Liz Studebaker was forwarded to committee
  • Final hearing will happen next week
  • Peter Hill mentioned that La Jolla is working to create a new MAD with help from the La Jolla Foundation – based around this new council policy so this is a good example of how the new policy will play out


  1. Draft revision of MAD bylaws/exceptions to NPPC Bylaws
  • Much of the language regarding quorum and Brown Act requirements were already the same between us and the Planning Committee
  • Bylaws will focus on policy unique to our organization as most eliminated language is now duplicate language as it is already stated in the NPPC Bylaws
  • Such as membership / representation and election of officers
  • MAD Subcommittee could increase in size from “not less than 7, and not more than 13” – 3 additional residential seats allowed”
    • Change section 3 Membership to read “shall include” to “could include” for flexibility – more of a guideline rather than a requirement
    • Group discussed homeowner status for residential representatives
    • Only “At-Large” rep has to be a homeowner to qualify
  • Elections of Officers – in the event that a position is vacant or someone resigns, the exception is that the Chair / Vice Chair
    • MAD will elect their own chair and vice chair
    • NPPC chair will confirm nominee but not be involved in appointing
  • MAD motions of consequence will need to be approved by NPPC as consent agenda items at full board meeting – third Tuesday of the month
    • Vicki asked if City Staff will need to wait for item to be approved at NPPC
      • Yes they will have to wait about a week for authorization
    • Approval of expenditures or direction to city staff needs to be approved
    • Peter suggests creating a threshold for budget authorization that can be approved by MAD without passing through consent
    • Jean thinks that actions within our budget should not have to be approved to prevent every single expenditure from needing secondary approval
  • Increased visibility and exposure will help bring in new members, increase participation and help with potential upcoming re-balloting
  • Encourage NPPC to participate in MAD City Budgeting Presentation Meeting
  • Group discussed how to remain autonomous while being a part of the NPPC – once we are absorbed into the planning committee, it will be very difficult to undo
  • Formatting and language edits will be made by Rob


Introduction to new El Cajon Boulevard Representative Steve Aldana – will now be ECB BID rep


  1. Update on Benches
  • Benches have been removed and placed in storage at the City yard
  • Store owners are very pleased
  • Total project cost $414.16
  • Group can find a new place for them to potentially reinstall


  1. Update on Twinkle Light Project
  • New box covers have been ordered and should be complete by Friday
  • $813 ADM – then will be ready to install with The Christmas Light Company
  • ADM was chosen as they were most aligned with City contracting policy


  1. Sidewalk Replacement Project, “Color Matching”
  • North side will be sealed only, south side will be darkened and sealed
  • Looking into options to make them match but they will have to be darker
  • New concrete is darker than original tiles
  • Rob suggests sealing the south side first and then working to match the north side as well
  • Is it possible to find a lighter stain for the south side or it the concrete already too dark to undo? Is the only option to go darker
  • Test stain area is too dark and cannot be lightened without replacing the concrete
    • Not an acceptable answer


  1. Operations Streetscape Maintenance / City Staff Update, Status of removed trash can
  • Is there a schedule for tree planting in upcoming months?
  • July 1 begins new budget – lets get a plan going
  • New electrical outlet in tree at Union Bank as approved last month – will be replaced by Friday
  • Power washing – not completing their agreed upon schedule per contract
    • Business owners have been complaining about a lack of service
    • Increased monitoring of their staff and requesting pictures or work completed
    • Will be issuing official notices for not completing contracted work
  • Review of contracted services and work schedules at next meeting
  • Union Bank corner will not be redone with extra red sidewalk money – any leftover money will be returned to the MAD
    • New ramps on that corner are included in upcoming 30th St Pipeline replacement


  1. Discussion regarding additional maintenance schedule updates
  • Tree watering schedule, Tree planning plan, Power washing Map – will discuss all service scheduling at July meeting
  • Power washing crew will provide photos


  1. Bond Funding Project Update, 24 dbl acorn streetlights on ECB
  • Ongoing; no new updates


  1. Review of Jillian’s MAD Request Form Revision
  • Tabled indefinitely


  1. Revised Sidewalk Replacement Policy
  • Covered in other areas


  1. Discussion re: Meeting in July / New Business for Next Agenda
    • Will be meeting in July
    • New Bylaws – review and make final edits
    • Red Sidewalk staining discussion
    • Service Schedules and Maps
    • Power washing – contract enforcement strategy
    • Boulevard Sign painting contract approval
    • West Coast Arborists – invite for presentation in July


  1. Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 6:50 PM.

Motion to Adjourn: Jillian Wolter / Rob Steppke 6/0/0 (Jody left, Steve joined)

Next meeting – July 11, 2016 at 5:00 PM

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