North Park Maintenance Assessment District



Community Advisory Committee Minutes – May 9, 2016.
Meeting called to order at 5:05 pm


  1. Roll Call:

Present:   Rob Steppke – North Park Redevelopment Project Area Committee (PAC)
Jody Surowiec – North Park Historical Society (NPHS)
Jillian Wolter – North Park Main Street (NPMS)
Peter Hill – North Park Planning Committee (NPPC)
Jean Samuels – Burlingame Neighborhood Association (BNA)

Beryl Forman – El Cajon Blvd Business Improvement Association (ECBBIA)

Vicky Heithaus – Resident Homeowners Representative
Glen Torio – City of San Diego Staff

Adrian Granda – City Council Representative – District 3


Absent:   Karen Gross – San Diego Apartment Association
Kitty Callen – Altadena Neighborhood Association (ANA)
Sean Karafin – North Park Community Association (NPCA)


  1. Approval of Draft Minutes – March 14, 2016 + April 13, 2016

Motion to Approve March Minutes

Motion by Jody Surowiec / Peter Hill 6/0/1 (Beryl – absent)


Motion to Approve April Minutes

Motion by Peter Hill / Jody Surowiec 5/0/2 (Beryl and Vicki – absent)


  1. Chair’s Report

Next month: benches and followup on past agenda items


  1. Non-Agenda Public Comment (Reordered to end of meeting)
  • Beryl discussed the underground tunnels on El Cajon Boulevard – has reopened at ECB and 39th Street – created in early 1900s. Was once used as a pedestrian tunnel for school kids to cross


  • Greg Schloss – 3rd generation owner of A&B Sporting Goods on University and Grim
  • Wanted to reiterate his sentiments on the benches located on Ray Street and University
  • A&B Sporting Goods was happy to support the sidewalk improvement project when beautification was done to include the bulb out and benches in front of the store
  • The community even opted to compromise parking spaces for the sidewalk renovation and improvement
  • He has worked extensively with the HOT Team and SDPD, but the issue has only been getting worse and has now created a safety, comfort and aesthetic problem for the entire block and for the North Park community
  • He asks that we please consider the option of elimination for the time being



  1. Councilmember’s Report (Reordered to end of meeting)
  • Adrian Granda announced that Councilman Gloria is serving on Budget Committee as the 6th year as chair where they are happy to announce that they are working on transparency as well as adding services rather than cutting services
  • Horton Plaza Park now open and ground was broken on the McKinley joint-use space today


  1. Brief Update re: Exploratory Subcommittee to join North Park Planning Committee
  • Peter, Jean and Rob met this month to discuss strategy
  • Next steps will be to develop language to pass on to the Planning Committee
  • Key issues to work out:
    • What is the role of chair of NPPC v chair of the MAD?
    • How independent is the MAD from the planning group?


  1. Update on Proposal to Modify Council Policy 100-24
  • Mostly definitions and small revisions
  • Rob will send out his comments


  1. Benches
  • Hardening of the environment – Peter Hill recommends taking them out and storing them – maybe a temporary use of the space – coffee cart, etc. so that if we decide to put them back at some point
  • Greg Schloss explained that they were a part of a sidewalk widening project many years ago when the trees and sidewalk were beautified as part of redevelopment
  • It has always been the intention per the original installation
  • Glenn noted that there is a safe place to store them
  • Vicki would recommend replacing them in a local dog park nearby – Morely Field
    • Greg offered to pay for the labor to remove and store them
    • Vicki requests one bid for removal and another for elective re-installation
    • Morely Field has a separate


MOTION: Approve up to $500 for removal of 4 benches from the southwest corner of University and Ray Street and ask the City to have a new use approved by the MAD Board

  • Jean Samuels / Jillian Wolter : 7/0/0


-Vicki wants the City to pay for the removal of the benches if they were installed by the City back during redevelopment


  1. Update on “twinkle light” project / unforeseen challenges / locks
  • Tree conduit got twisted into tree trunk on the southwest corner of 30th and University
  • Glenn says the tree was not salvageable in the condition it was found when they tried to install the new boxes – it would not have survived so they removed it
  • The group agrees that trees should not be removed at the expense of electricity
  • Glenn says that replacing the unsaveable tree with the recommended Chinese Pistache will prevent this from happening again in the future because root system in Pistache tree is less extensive and will not spread in the same way
  • How long will it take the tree to recover completely?
    • About 8 to 10 years to regrow



MOTION: To replace electric box and conduit on the corner of University Avenue and 30th Street in front of Union Bank as presented

Motion by Peter Hill / Vicki Heithaus 7/0/0


Discussion on adding locks / covers to newly-installed electric boxes:

  • Open conduits should not be unlocked – they can be used and equipment damaged
  • ABM – group who did the installation $813.92 after reduction (16 metal lockable covers) – does not include locks
  • Christmas Light Company – same thing for $672.00 – 16 metal covers – no locks
  • Socialights – Bid is a general bid – 16 metal covers $400 + locks $96
    • Labor not broken down
  • None of the bids have accurate information as we need it broken down
    • Separate cost of locks and cost of installation need to be recovered before we can move forward
  • Glenn says it will be easier to use ABM because they are the original city contractor
    • Jillian noted that they did not advise us properly on this project to begin with, which is why we have to go back and install the proper hardware – why should we be inclined to work with them again?


MOTION: To authorize City staff to work with North Park Main Street staff to approve covers and locks for 16 outlet boxes at a cost not to exceed $1000 based on the best bid received

Motion by Peter Hill / Jean Samuels 6/0/0 (Beryl no longer present)


  1. Operational Streetscape Maintenance / City Staff Update
  • Red Sidewalk Project
    • Sidewalk color stain – is it worth doing, will it be sustainable?
    • Leftover funds will most likely be used to redo the southwest corner of University + 30th by Union Bank (there is a tree there)


  1. Operational Streetscape Maintenance / City Staff Update, Status of removed trash can – City Staff
  • Yesco bid is the most competitive for ECB sign – and is our current electrician. Their proposal has been reviewed by ECB Staff
  • Would prefer to increase the budget in order to work with a better vendor
  • We need to have an apples for apples budget breakdown including warranty on paint – difference in price to be evaluated
    • Also needs to highlight the difference in labor charges, traffic control costs and parameters of project


  1. Discussion Regarding Additional Maintenance Schedule Updates
  • Ongoing; no new updates


  1. Bond Funding Project Update, 24 dbl acorn streetlights on ECB
  • Ongoing; no new updates


  1. Review of Jillian’s MAD Request Form Revision
  • Tabled indefinitely



  1. New Business for Next Agenda
    • Pass the Hat for $18 website domain
    • Trees Replacement
    • Benches
    • Twinkle Lights
    • Sidewalk pigment recoloring


  1. Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM.

Motion to Adjourn: Jillian Wolter / Peter Hill 6/0/0

Next meeting – June 13, 2016

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