North Park Maintenance Assessment District


Community Advisory Committee Minutes – November 14, 2016.
Meeting called to order at 5:00 pm

  1. Roll Call:

Present:   Rob Steppke – North Park Redevelopment Project Area Committee (PAC)
Jody Surowiec – North Park Historical Society (NPHS)
Peter Hill – North Park Planning Committee (NPPC)
Steve Aldana – El Cajon Blvd Business Improvement Association (ECBBIA)
Jean Samuels – Burlingame Neighborhood Association (BNA)
Jake Romero – North Park Main Street (NPMS)
Glen Torio – City Staff
Rosa Lopez – City Staff
Ray Garcia – City Staff
Melissa Quath – City Staff
Eva Miller – visitor

Kitty Callen – Altadena Neighborhood Association (ANA)
Adrian Granda – City Council Rep

  1. October minutes were approved
  2. Chair Report: Rob has found an individual interested in coming on the board.
    The board needs a Secretary.
  3. Non-agenda public comment: None
  4. Councilmember’s Report – None
    Adrian now represents County Supervisor Ron Roberts. Councilmember-elect Ward will announce a new CD3 rep.
  5. St. Luke’s Church tree request – Glenn has determined two species that would fit the sidewalk restrictions are the Chinese Pistache, and the Crepe Myrtle. Staff continues to research the request prior to being considered by the MAD board.
  6. Update on “twinkle light” project – There continues to be vandalism. The wires are being cut and tripping the breakers, mostly on the South East side of the area.
    University Heights is trying a pilot project using solar lights and City Staff will monitor how well those work.  Solar may be the answer to prevent vandalism, as there are no wires hanging down to be cut.
  7. Sidewalk “color matching” project – A color match has been found. Ramona Concrete will do the work.
  8. 2018 Draft Budget – City Staff presented the FY2018 budget. The board reviewed it and suggested some line item revisions.  There was extensive discussion on funding forreballoting, trees and related issues, trash cans, and signage.  Additionally, there were questions regarding MAD general benefit and formula calculations. Staff will make some requested revisions and discussion will continue in December.   Staff asked that a vote be made in December, as it gets presented to the city in January.
  9. City Staff Update – Glenn passed out his report to be read. No discussion.
  10. Service/ Maintenance schedules – No discussion
  11. Dbl-acorn lights – no discussion.
  12. NPMAD to join NPPC – No discussion.
  13. Rob moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:25. Peter seconded and all were in favor of adjournment.

Next meeting – December 12, 2016

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