North Park Maintenance Assessment District


Community Advisory Committee Minutes – October 10, 2016.
Meeting called to order at 5:00 pm

  1. Roll Call:

Present:   Rob Steppke – North Park Redevelopment Project Area Committee (PAC)
Jody Surowiec – North Park Historical Society (NPHS) (arr 5:10)
Peter Hill – North Park Planning Committee (NPPC)
Steve Aldana – El Cajon Blvd Business Improvement Association (ECBBIA)
Jean Samuels – Burlingame Neighborhood Association (BNA)
Glenn Torio – City Staff
Angela Landsberg – North Park Main Street (arr 5:04)

Kitty Callen – Altadena Neighborhood Association (ANA)
Adrian Granda – City Council Rep
Jake Romero – North Park Main Street (NPMS)

  1. Approval of the September minutes – Angela/Jean approved 4-0-1(Peter)
  2. Chair Report: Secretary position and the homeowner seat remain open. Rob is learning Word Press and has updated the website minutes and roster postings.
  3. Non-agenda public comment: The Taste of North Park is this weekend on 10/15/16.
  4. Councilmember’s Report – None – Adrian was absent.
  5. The priest (Colin Mattewson) from St. Luke’s Church asked if the MAD could plant and maintain trees in front of the church on 30th at Gunn St. He will send photos of the site for the committee to view. The NPMAD does not have private property domain.  There are some water issues on site which Glenn will investigate as well as looking into the cost of cutting the sidewalk and research as to utility lines there.  Angie stated there is a line item in the current budget for planting of new trees. Specific tree species were not identified.
  6. Update on “twinkle light” project. – Angie reports there has been no further vandalism which seems to coincide with the arrest of a suspect in Ocean Beach for similar activity. The Businesses are pointing their cameras at the trees to observe any vandalism.
  7. Sidewalk “color matching” project – The city met with Solomon Concrete on 10/5/16. They have a swatch of color that is a good match but chemical etching is necessary for the concrete to “accept” the color sealer. This is the company who did the sidewalk in front of the carpet store on University.
  8. Matt Ziskin of Blue Skies Landscaping was introduced. They are the interim contractor until June, 2017.  The company has been operating since the 1970’s and has a history for working with other MAD’s and HOA’s in San Diego. Ziskin is hopeful to bring current staff from Landcare Logic aboard to utilize their experience of our local landscape maintenance issues. Additionally, he will look into the possibility of trash can service on Saturdays.  Glenn said an additional day of service would be $1200 per month but will check if a weekday could be interchangeable with a Saturday service. Angela also inquired as to the possibility of removing stickers off signs
  9. City Staff Update – The city has issued four FINs (field inspection notices) for incomplete work by San Diego Power Clean. Field observation seems to indicate SDPC staff has possibly misled SDPC administration as to the completeness/consistency of their weekly tasks. Urban Corps would be a possibly choice to takeover the needed service.
    The Boulevard Light is scheduled to be painted starting on 10/10/16. Glenn passed around swatches of the colors to be used. Based on the Arborist’s report the Bradford Pear tree at 2980 University will be removed and replaced.  The arborist report is available. Modified tree grates and protective tree covers were briefly discussed as viable safety options for both pedestrians and trees. Peter suggested that the tree covers might be best utilized at key intersections in the community. Glenn mentioned that we currently have $15,000 earmarked in the budget for trash cans and that amount could be rolled into the next budget. Rob mentioned that could be source to help fund modified tree grates and/or tree covers.
  10. The sidewalk tiles are breaking apart for reasons of stress on the “seams” and the effect of changes in the weather, etc. The previous contractor has not shown interest in the opportunity to repairing the lose/broken tiles and another contractor has not been found.
  11. Dbl-acorn lights replacement is complete.
  12. NPMAD to join NPPC – The city planner assigned to North Park will get the complete by-laws from Peter on 10/10/16.
  13. Rob moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:19. Jody seconded and all were in favor of adjournment.

Next meeting – November 14, 2016

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